Dilan Abeya is a well-known and self-taught fitness enthusiast from the United Kingdom. He traveled out of tough times and became a well-known and inspirational fitness model. And he earned remarkable recent success that has led to some “unexpected but extraordinary” ....

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Anika is from Zagreb, Croatia is the founder of the “How Could She” podcast. In her podcast Anika discusses with her exceptional guests timeless topics with current relevance. Listeners will have the chance to meet strong successful women, mothers, abuse survivors ...

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Tracy Bell is a corporate exec turned start-up CEO. In 2016, a health scare in the family prompted Tracy and her husband to reimagine the way tea is processed in an effort to extract more antioxidants

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We talk to the entrepreneurs who are making it happen throughout Europe

Europe is one of the largest entrepreneur markets in the world. We seek out these entrepreneurs to discover what makes them so interesting, successful and what we can learn from them.

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