Dilan Abeya

Dilan Abeya is a well-known and self-taught fitness enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
He traveled out of tough times and became a well-known and inspirational fitness model.
And he earned remarkable recent success that has led to some “unexpected but extraordinary” brand ambassadorships and modeling.
He also has a career in banking with a US Investment bank.

He began working out after overcoming several traumatic and relationship obstacles in his life.

Dilan Abeya’s career got a heaving boost because he frequently uploads his fitness pictures on Instagram.

Organization: Dilan Abeya
Phone: +1 917 472 9434
Website: https://www.dilanabeya.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dilanabeya/

Anika de Vilera

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Anika de Vilera

Anika is from Zagreb, Croatia is the founder of the “How Could She” podcast. In her podcast Anika discusses with her exceptional guests timeless topics with current relevance. Listeners will have the chance to meet strong successful women, mothers, abuse survivors, international legal experts, psychologists, journalists, actors, philosophers, and many more. The list is long and powerful. Every week is new, and different, every week fresh!

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